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Such a sweet poem...Amanda you have a special best friend and many more people who love you very much.Keep on fighting "Little Angel"and eveyone will continue praying for your recovery.Tell Zach,Mom,and Dad hello for us.We love all of you guys.You are all in our prayers.

Monica Gil-Dunn

Dear Amanda:
You have been a great inspiration to me and my family. You have such a great and strong spirit. God is showering you with all HIS BLESSINGS and keeps all HIS ANGELS with you and your family day and night. I pray to God that he may keep his precious healing hand on you and your family. You are a testimony of HIS great LOVE and MERCY. May God Bless you ALWAYS!!
(High School Spanish Teacher)


Hey Amanda! I'm so glad your doing great!
Thanks for being such a good friend!

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